Event details

  • 14th October 2017
  • 11:30 am


For delicious homemade food and the chance for local people to meet and so-cialise
Smalley Church Hall 11.30 am – 1.30 pm

Menu: Homemade Soup with roll, Dessert, Tea or Coffee : Adults: £5 Children: £3
Dates: Saturday  12th May.
Everyone welcome!

If you need help with transport ring Neil Paget 01773768123 or 0780597022
To book a table ring Jean Brown 01773 768229 or 07743710173

Want to help or get involved?
Volunteers of all ages needed to help each Saturday
Raffle prize donations would be gratefully received
Home-grown veggies: do you have a glut we could turn into soup?

Transport: can you offer help to those who need support to come?
All proceeds to Smalley Community Group to fund future village projects or events.

Please note that in November and December we will have a box for donationsof toiletries, gloves etc. These will be issued along with food on Christmas Day by
Neil Paget and family to homeless people in Derby. Any unused items will be taken to the Padley Centre.