Forthcoming Services at St.Matthew's




Sun 10th May Common Worship Communion * 11.00am
Thur 14th May
Acension Day
Combined Communion Service at St Matthew's, Morley 7.30pm
Sun 17th May Baptism
Sun 24th May Common Worship Communion * 11.00am
Sun 31st May Common Worship Communion * 11.00am
Sun 7th June All-Age Communion * 11.00am

Children's Church is always available at the 11.00 am service at Morley and at Smalley on the first Sunday of the month

Thought for the Month

I don't know about you but my spirits lift and the world seems more hopeful when the clocks go back and we get to enjoy a few warm days of bright sunshine.

I am still beguiled by the changing seasons and intrigued by the effect they have on my mood and sense of hope and optimism or otherwise.

The writer of the book of Ecclesiastes knew about that. Words picked up by the Everly Brothers was it? A time and a season for all things.

I think that a great deal of the art of living well has to do with recognising the season of one's life in which we find ourselves and living fully in that season. Delighting in the hope and potential of spring and diving into the activities spring invites us to indulge in. enjoying fully the sociability and warmth of summer when that comes but being willing to let go of each season in turn to fully embrace the next.

May I wish you a delightful Spring.


Richard Shaw stands down as Church Warden

A mighty congratulations to Richard who is standing down after an extended term of service as Warden of St John the Baptist, Smalley.

Last year in recognition of his hard work, commitment and valiant dedication to the church and his efforts to hold things steady through many years of stormy seas Richard was awarded the Bishop's Badge. A richly deserved accolade.

As Richard stands down as Church Warden we are grateful that he is willing to continue to serve on the PCC and act as verger at Weddings and Funerals where Richard's outstanding pastoral gifts have been a blessing to so many.

To thank Richard without also mentioning Brenda would be unforgivably remiss. Brenda is Richard's stalwart support and the rock of his existence. The church has greatly benefitted from her grace and generosity as she has worked, often unseen and without applause to support Richard and the work of the church.

Thank you to you both and prayers for grace and peace in this new season of your ministry in the church.


Richard Shaw Cathedral Award Ceremony
Richard and his wife Brenda at Derby Cathedral following the Bishops Badge ceremony. Congratulations Richard and well deserved.