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Sun 5th October Harvest Thanksgiving & Children's Gift Service* 11.00am
Sun 12th October Common Worship Communion 11.00am
Sun 19th October Baptism 11.00am
Sun 26th October Common Worship Communion 11.00am
2nd Sun Novemberr All-Age Communion 11.00am

* Children's Church is always available at the 11.00am service.

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Monday 24th November 2014

A Parable

As I write this, the long school summer holidays are coming to an end and children are returning to their studies. I have had the pleasure and privilege of some child minding during August and as I spent time with my charge my mind wandered back to her pre-school days and the hours we spent in Heanor in a Play Cafe there. These were happy times for both of us me with a book and coffee and she cheerfully engaged in the large soft play area there. This cafe was our favourite venue for some years before she entered main schooling. I especially recall one occasion when my great niece, who must have been about three at this time, was in the play area when a member of the cafe staff team went in and organised some simple games for the several children in there.

One of these games entailed finding various articles within a set time and there was laughter and much excitement as the children went about their task. Towards the end, rather belatedly, another young child joined in and the game soon finished. Each child was given a reward even the youngster who had arrived late. When my great niece returned to our table she mentioned quite casually that they had all had the same prize even the boy who had arrived late and is wasn't fair. "But" she continued quite matter-a fact, "it was right though because the man was a very kind man and he wanted everyone to have the same."

A kind man Jesus offers us all the same prize at whatever time of our lives we choose to follow him.

Jesus told his listeners a parable about some vineyard workers, piece workers, who were set on to work at different times of the day. At the end of this day the boss of the vineyard gave each worker the same wages and there was muttering and complaining of 'it's not fair'. Yet what is the problem if the kind boss man wanted to pay each man the same?

A kind man Jesus offers us all the same salvation at whatever time of our lives we choose to follow him.

Mary Haywood
Lay minister