Forthcoming Services at St.Matthew's




Sun 4th Oct All-age Communion for Harvest* 11.00am
Sun 11th Oct Common Worship Communion * 11.00am
Sun 18th Oct Baptism (St Luke's Day) 11.00am
Sun 25th Oct Common Worship Communion * 11.00am
Sun 1st Nov All-age Communion
Bereavement Service

* Children's Church is always available at the 11.00 am service at Morley and at Smalley on the first Sunday of the month


For all of you who are involved in sponsorship or fundraising (directly or indirectly), this is to let you know that Pastor Joseph Kisa will be visiting us from Uganda from 4 Sept to 14 October. He will be based with me in Smalley. Pastor Joseph is the Director of our two school projects in Uganda; Alpha Omega and Living Oracles. He will be preaching at both of our churches on Sunday 6 September, and you may well see him walking around the village. If you would like to know more about our mission and projects, he will be delighted to meet you for a chat, either at church or other time to be arranged. Please contact Di Gee for further information on 01332 832434. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.


Friends of mine recently set out to add an extension to their home. As the project developed a number of flaws in the existing building came to light, earlier additions had been added without reference to building regulations, basic good building practice had been disregarded. Very soon it was apparent that before an extension could be added part of the original building would have to be taken down and rebuilt. The foundations had to be underpinned, and an earlier extension had to be completely taken down- under the weight of the roofing it was drawing away from the main building.

By the time they were done they both wished they had never started the whole enterprise. The level of disruption to their home, to their lives was immense. It was cold comfort that though the hoped for extension had not happened as their budget had been consumed by the repairs, their existing home was now safely and solidly constructed and could now, at some future point support a substantial extension.

It is a very real temptation for organisations and individuals to add 'extensions' without checking out the core 'building'. If the core functioning isn't sound and solid we run the risk of presenting an impressive facade that has all the substance and stability of a house of cards. Unhealthy practice and bad habits sometimes take hold without our noticing. Often it takes someone on the outside to point out these things, perhaps a healthcare professional or a new manager at work. An 'outsider' who brings fresh eyes to a situation and sees flaws that we have become accustomed to and simply don't see any more. Voices that challenge a status quo with which we have become comfortable are seldom welcome, their different perspective can feel threatening but it is just possible that the challenge they bring can be the catalyst for life giving change.

As the golden hews of autumn herald the coming winter and the church seasons of All Saints and All Souls remind us both of the passing of those we have loved and our own mortality may you find the courage to hear the voices that bring challenge kindly even when their words and actions are neither comfortable nor comforting. Without the apparent death of winter there can be no spring, unless we tear down that which is unsafe there can be no new solid building.

Revd Lisa Shemilt