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Wednesday 21st St'Matthews Day
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Sunday 25th September
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Sunday 2nd October
All-Age Communion for Harvest


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"Tea 2 Remember"

Saturday 3rd September 2016

The new Bishop of Repton is coming!

Recently I wrote to the Bishop of Derby to remind him that it is more than 8 years since any Bishop has Confirmed a candidate from Morley or Smalley. I told him that I believe there are a number of people who have long worshipped at one of our churches but have never received Communion; and that there may well be others who receive Communion regularly but have never been Confirmed. I told him that I am hoping to persuade a number of such people to prepare for Confirmation this autumn.

I'm delighted to tell you that the new Bishop of Repton is coming to do a Confirmation on the evening of Wednesday 9th November, probably in Smalley Church - where it is easier for more people to see and hear what's going on (unless, of course, Morley has many more candidates than Smalley).

What is the relationship between Baptism, Confirmation and receiving Holy Communion? In the Orthodox Church a person receives Communion for the first time at his or her Baptism, usually as a baby; after that only rarely, with even a weekly churchgoing adult only receiving Communion a few times a year. In the Roman Catholic Church a regular churchgoer will usually start receiving Communion at the age of 7, and then receive at every service he or she attends. Both Churches practice Confirmation as an adult affirmation of faith, rather than as a gateway to Communion. In most Anglican Churches like ours Confirmation by the Bishop is the usual 'gateway' to Communion, admitting people to receive the Body and Blood of Christ in the bread and wine at the Eucharist (or Mass or Holy Communion or Lord's Supper).

To be Confirmed a person needs to be both at least 10 years old and Baptised - because Confirmation is about 'confirming' your Baptism (which might have been 50 years earlier or very recently) and making you an adult member of the Church. If someone wishes to be Confirmed but has not been Baptised, then he/ she will either be Baptised by the Bishop early in the same service or by me the previous Sunday.

I hope to do most of the Confirmation preparation with Sister Rosemary in one day in late September or October. So if you would like to be Confirmed please tell me by the middle of September.

The Very Revd Geoffrey Marshall, Associate Priest