Forthcoming Services at St.Matthew's




Sun 7th September All-Age Communion * 11.00am
Sun 14th September Common Worship Communion 11.00am
Sun 21st September Combined Service of Common Worship Communion at Morley 10.00am
Sun 28th September Common Worship Communion 11.00am
Sun 5th September Harvest Thanksgiving & Children's Gift Service* 11.00am

* Children's Church is always available at the 11.00am service.

Events coming soon

The Fragrances of Life

What a blessing a sense of smell is, from being able to detect escaping gas to the delight of a summer rose.

Our days are filled with such a variety of smells if we are aware, the fragrance of food, fresh laundry, new mown grass, even petrol, must hold some attraction if you like motor racing.

Might you ever think that the variety of the different fragrances in life could relate to the temperament of the people we are and those we meet. Let me give an illustration:

All kinds of different perfumes go into the soaps we buy and use. For me Lemon is refreshing, like being in company with someone who thinks positively. Lavender signals peace and harmony generating a "let's stop awhile and enjoy the company". Carbolic is strident, it summons up a picture confrontation. Do you find the smell of Pine reminds you of warmth and restful days?

I once gave a big room full of people, who were meeting together for the last time, a packet of fragrant incense to take home. Suggesting they might like to light a stick in the future and remember the friendships they had enjoyed.

Many churches use Incense as a prayer offering, for the uninitiated it can be rather overwhelming, but I pray that whatever fragrance appeals to your senses it may be that of harmony and love that you and I may both give and receive of the very best.

With love,

Jan Walker, Lay Minister